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Ludlow Street Healthcare

Business Energy Experts (BEE) first started working with LS healthcare in September 2013 on the initial basis of resolving the issue of recovering their incorrect overpayment of VAT and CCL at 20% on a number of large sites under the LS network . BEE made the process as convenient  and smooth as possible which ultimately resulted in a rebate of over £100k for LS healthcare. It was our impressive first class service in dealing with their initial rebate and the way BEE "treated LS healthcare's money as their own" that warranted giving BEE the opportunity to provide our services further, providing LS healthcare with a bespoke end-to-end managed service tailored to their energy requirements. BEE restructured a multiple site contract alignment and ensured the best going rates available for supply, sometimes buying months in advance to ensure this. Going forward BEE have saved LS Healthcare over £100k on their energy costs and have maintained a fantastic relationship ever since.

Lifeways Community Care

Business Energy Experts first started our relationship with Lifeways Community Care back in 2013 when their company portfolio of over 400 sites was in a state of complete disarray and in need of complete restructuring. Astronomical Pricing, Incorrect meter profiling and no form of contract alignment what so ever were just some of the problems we faced. We were able to rectify these issues promptly and professionally offering a bespoke service to Lifeways ensuring significantly better energy rates, the correct meter profiles were applicable to the business' consumption and multiple site contract alignments. Fast forward 4 years and £350,000 of savings later, lifeways Community Care has never looked back  and deemed our services as "Invaluable" to their organisation. As a qualifying Business we were also able to reclaim £126,000 in VAT and CCL reclaimation on Lifeways' behalf as they qualified for reduced VAT charge 5%.  

Dominos Pizza Franchisee

Over the Past 4 Years Business Energy Experts has worked closely with a Franchisee of a several Dominos Pizza shops. Through a combination our ability to  ensure multiple site contract alignment and purchasing both Gas and Electricity in advance for our customers when the markets were favourable we were able to save our customer £10'000's which resulted in Director Nick Baldwin being referred to as their "Energy Guru". 

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